Monday, August 1, 2011

Why I want to maim Blogger with a high heel, and other things you may have noticed

So, dear readers, you may have noticed that my blog has transformed a bit. New layout, new URL, new...stuff. Yeah, Blogger and I had a little spat, and Blogger won.

Long story short, I used my school email as the login name for my old blog, but the email listed on that blog was my personal email, and between that and having something called a "Google Profile" (which I should know about since I currently work in New Media) Blogger just couldn't take it anymore. Said something about the two accounts fighting with each other, and there was a constant request to "please logout or switch user accounts" or some such nonsense. Blogger said I had to fix this. I agreed.

Blogger told me to delete one of the accounts. Makes sense, I thought. My school email was defunct and unnecessary at this point, so I would terminate that one and my blog would transfer over to my personal email, rather than my school one.  This made sense to me, because my personal email was still listed as the official mailing address for the blog.

Yeah. Blogger often doesn't make sense. So it locked me out of the account. Oh, this is mildly annoying, I thought. But so far it's mostly funny. As soon as I email Blogger and get access restored, it will make a great new blog post. Haha, laughs to be had by all! Yeah. No. Because the next day, Blogger promptly deleted my blog.
Blogger: Haha! Suck-ah!!!
This momentarily stunned me -- surely not? -- and then it prompted nothing short of ALL CAPS RAGE!!!

I scrambled, had an almost-heart-attack, and frantically g-chatted The Sis.

Me: (Paraphrase) Sister!!!! My blog is gone!!! Can you find it???
The Sis: A, quit freaking out, the link still brings me there.
Me: Oh...But are you SURE??
The Sis: (Paraphrase) Of course I'm sure, it's right...oh shit. 

So. Old blog gone. I angrily huffed over to WordPress and built a new blog from scratch (after a kind and compassionate soul emailed me the content from my old blog that she had ripped from her Google Reader...fantastic friend, fantastic technology. I owe her a hug. But not you Google, cuz this is kinda your fault in the first place). Then I discovered how NOT customizable WordPress is.

Which brings me back here. Back to Blogger. Something I so don't want to do, but it's kinda like riding the Red Line of the metro -- you hate to do it, you know it will break down at some point leaving you stranded and late, but you aren't cool enough to own a car so you have no choice. I'm not flush enough to pay for a customizable WordPress, so here I am. I have no choice.

Sorry, I said "long story short" and I totally didn't mean it.

But now you know why things are a bit different, and also why it says I uploaded 18 new posts in one day. Psh, no one is that good. BUT I promise to make up for my lapse in posting with another entry within the next few days.

Cheers to all your patience, and to my non-existent patience which I am still trying to work on. I hate you, Blogger. And I still want to mangle you with a high heel, because thats about all the use I have for high heels.


  1. yikes! I've been that switch accounts notification recently...I'll be careful with that!

  2. Yeah, I've been having the same issue with my Cubs blog. I hate that I can't be logged into Gmail at the same time as my blog- drives me nuts sometimes. It's also the primary reason why I threw out the idea of switching to WordPress back when we were still blogging for a class. Now that I'm at 50+ entries for the blog, though, the idea of switching isn't too appeaking... hah.

    I'm glad it worked out though, dear. Love ya!

  3. Here is a potential solution for you guys: Create a WordPress account, because it has a feature that allows you to import Blogger blogs. Then create a new Blogger account with the right email address, and use a third-party hosting site to convert your WordPress blog into Blogger. That's what I did here -- this blog is converted from what I put together on WordPress. Here's the site for the third-party converter:

    Another thought: I *think* it's possible to import one Blogger blog into a new account. Pretty sure. I would recommend it, since I really wouldn't want you guys to lose what you've worked so hard on. :)


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