About Me

So I thought for a really long time about whether or not I should write this blog spy-style and use an alias, or if that was way too much work. (Actually, I think it would be grand fun, but currently I can't decide on an alias-name...feel free to give me suggestions in the comments.) For now, I'll just call myself "A." So far, all you who read this know who I am, but I guess I'm hoping to break in to the DC blog business, in which case it would be appropriate to have an alias.   The alias thing isn't workin out for me. My name is Aftan.

Basics: Just graduated from a small Christian liberal-arts college in the Mid-West, and I'm here in DC trying to get a career started. I'm gunning for something with journalism, preferably international journalism (I'm a big fan of the Middle East and studied abroad there), or maybe something more directly involved with politics. Like, maybe I'd like to be President. Haha, but seriously I'm only half-joking. It would also be fun to be in the Foreign Service.

Anyway. You should probably know that I'm from Montana.  You should also know that I'm kind of obnoxious about it. Because Montana is the best state ever and if you contradict that then we'll have a small brawl heated discussion in the back alley. Which I'll win. Because I'm from Montana.

Back to the point. I actually started this blog as a class assignment, but I was having fun and decided to continue it. Initially I focused on the transition from student life to the life of a young working woman, but now I think I'll expand it to include interesting tales from my adjustment to DC life. A rural girl most of my life, there are bound to be some pretty hilarious stories concerning my "city education."

Stay tuned.