Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Curing Mondays, aka The Importance of Laughing at Yourself

Just a short, quick story for you...

This morning I had a serious case of the Mondays. Okay, technically it’s a Tuesday, but after a three-day weekend my first morning back at work left me feeling lethargic and depressed. (And hungry – I need to remember to eat some breakfast!)

Needless to say, I needed coffee. And not just any coffee, because let’s face it, I still can’t drink straight black coffee. No, I needed my own special blend of black drip, LOTS of half-n-half, and half a packet of hot chocolate. WHAM BAM, instant mocha.

The coffee machine is on the fourth floor. I work on the sixth floor. Normally after creating my heaven-in-a-cup, I take the elevator back to my lonely little cubicle. Not today. Today, my friend and I took the stairs.

Bad idea.

I knew it was a bad idea when someone jostled me, and a small wave of mocha crested over the cup and onto my hand. “Shoot,” I said, “I’m already spilling.” I’m kind-of clumsy that way.

“Oh,” my friend said, “maybe we should have taken the eleva – ”

And that’s when I tripped.

And spilled my entire mocha.

Onto myself. And my friend. And the floor. But mostly myself.

In front of multiple witnesses.

Oddly, this embarrassing little incident cured my case of the Mondays. Sometimes, ya just gotta laugh at yourself. I mean, what else are you gonna do when you’ve stained your favorite pair of pants and are clutching a roll of paper towels hastily cleaning up your former dream-in-a-cup whilst franticly apologizing to your friend and the witnesses? Sorry you had to see that, guys!

In other news, I got a request for a job interview. Huzzah!

Editor's Note: Just discovered I also spilled mocha onto my hair. Hair long enough to slosh mocha on = hair needing haircut.


  1. I looove your hairrrr don't cut it pleeeease. (my attempt at being petulant)


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